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"This Site Owned by a Maine Veteran
To help Your Maine Only Businesses
If you need a Videographer
for your Business
I have 55 years
Esperance let me know ."

Vidoe Taken with D5100
Harvest time in Maine

Victor Grange
Fairfield Maine

"Welcome to a Snapshot of Maine".
Here we offer a look through the lens of Maine's wilderness, country fairs, rivers,
animals and its history of farming and going to war. We also cover its recreational aspects;
after all it is "Vacationland". Maine is more that a place to play, it is also a wonderful place to work
and make a living. On this web site many of Maine's businesses advertise, local places, Mom and
Pop operations, where Mainers and transplanted people from away have come to put down
roots to enjoy Maine in their spare time, but earn a livelihood working small businesses
that make up the base of Maine's economy.

This rock formation is our logo "Maine's Old Man in the Mountain" this one is actually in Maine.
Very similar to the one that once was in New Hampshire, but which has crumbled into history.
Maine's Old Man in the Mountain is also know as the "Indian's Head" to locals."

New feature! We are adding GPS coordinates on some photos.
Great for a weekend afternoon ride. Try to find the places we have been.
Drop us an email if you find them. Tell your friends! Make it a game to find these Maine treasures.
We promise we will not give away favorite fishing holes or
cause any of our good friends in Maine crowds on their lawns.
Central Maine
Mercer Boog Rt 2 Mercer

"This is Mercer bogg on Rt 2 Mercer."

Western Maine
Rt 2 Wilton

"Western Maine "Indian's Head"Rt 2 Wilton

Moosehead Trail
Cornith coverd bridge

Here is is one of Maines many covered bridges. This is Robyville Bridge,
could you find it if you had the GPS coordinates? Latitude 44.94.9435, Longitude -68.96860."

Coastal Maine
Penbscot Bridge New and Old

"The old and the new Bridge."

Northern Maine
Mars Hill

"Mars Hill Wind Farm."

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All the photographs on these pages are for sale!

"Have Camera Will Travel Any Place in Maine"
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